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Heavy Duty 4 in 1 Bucket

4 in 1 Bucket Enable front blading, back blading, plus all the advantages of a regular bucket. Open jaws to dump at full height. Use jaws for stump, post and debris pulling, lifting, placing rail road ties and rocks, broken tree limbs and broken concrete etc.


Trencher Capable of trenching 900 (36") deep, 150mm (6") Wide. Side shift feature allows trenching up against walls for irrigation, sewerage, storm water, plumbing, electrical and other underground cables. Easily cuts through roots, rocks and other obstacles.

Post Hole Digger & Augers

Auger Ideal for digging post holes for fences or retaining walls, footings for decks and pergolas. The larger auger can also be used for tree planting. 200mm (9"), 300mm (12") & 450mm (18") augers available. Tungsten tip pilot and cutting edges for foundations up to 14oomm (55") deep. Makes light work of digging through clay and rocky ground.

Rotary Hoe/Tiller

Rotary Hoe/Tiller

1000mm (40") wide.
Heavy duty tiller turns the toughest ground into beautiful garden/turf bed.
Cutting depth 150mm (6") deep.

Carryall Leveller

Carry Leveller 1225mm (48") wide
For transporting bulky items, paving tiles, cement bags, nursery plants, turf, fence pailings, railway sleepers etc. Ideal for preparing top soil for turf laying, levelling bedding sand for pavers and general levelling for landscaping purposes i.e. sheds, tank pads etc.

Cement Mixer

Cement Mixer Convert the Kanga into a mobile cement/concrete mixer. No more hauling materials to the mixer or concrete to the job. Easy lifting and placing concrete over low walls or into post holes etc.


Ripper 150mm (6") deep.
The ripper is the ideal tool for breaking up hard rocky ground for garden beds, turf preparation or shallow excavations for concrete pavers etc.

Slewing Front Hoe

Slewing Front Hoe 300mm (12") bucket, dig depth 700mm (28"), slew width 650mm (26"), slew angle 50 degrees. For easy disposal of dirt. Designed for digging in front of the loader and dispose of soil in a slewing motion.


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