Thursday, 16 August 2012

To whom it may concern,

Phil Kinder of Creative Choice Services has been contracted to undertake the maintenance of our property, Tilbrook Valley Farm, since December 2011.

During this time his duties have included mowing around the large house paddock and orchard, the maintenance of boundary fire breaks, and spraying for weeds. In addition Phil has been responsible for the 1300 oak and hazelnut trees that form our truffiere. This requires the maintenance of the tree rows by mowing and spraying, the monitoring and maintenance of the bore and irrigation system, ensuring that the trees remain pest free through the application of the appropriate pesticides, and where necessary pruning and staking the trees. To perform these tasks Phil is required to utilise and maintain our ride on mower and gator

As we are based in Perth it is essential that Phil is able to work independently and that we can rely on him to complete tasks and deal with problems as they arise. It is also important that Phil communicates effectively, updating us on problems and progress. During the period of Phil's contract we have been very impressed with how well both the property and truffiere have been maintained and have found him to be prompt, effective and reliable in all his communication and documentation. Phil has been quick in learning the skills required for the maintenance of our farm and truffiere. In addition he has been proactive in identifying areas where he feels changes will benefit the cost effectiveness and, or, productivity of the business. In conclusion we have been very happy with the services Phil has provided over the last year and look forward to utilising Creative Choice for our ongoing maintenance work.

~ Kind regards
Briony and Mark Lee

Tilbrook Valley


29th May 2014

We have hired Phil's Kanga a number of times to dig holes for fences and fruit trees, to move dirt, to do the trenching for our rain water pipes and to level the ground for our orchard and gardens. The Kanga has proved to be very easy to use and extremely efficient. We are always amazed at how much we can get done with it in a day.

~ Kind regards
Gordon and Kelly Jones

 Folkwood Forest



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